Training of Trainers (ToTs)

TOTs was designed as a comprehensive program to improve training confidence and competencies of school nutrition directors and managers thus creating a culture of ongoing learning in their schools and districts. This 7-session series included the following topic areas.

Session 1:  Moving Toward a System of Learning

Participants reflect on their experiences as learners as well as their experiences with training in their kitchen.

Session 2:  Training Design:  Where to Begin

Participants review how and why they need to implement a needs assessment, and how to translate the needs of their kitchen into the design of their training.

Session 3:  A Smart Beginning

Participants explore and practice how to use a concept map to help them plan trainings.  Using the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, Realistic, Time specific) framework, participants practice writing training objectives using criteria that are familiar to trainers around the country.

Session 4:  Training Adult Learners

Participants explore learning styles and practice how to match training activities based on the characteristics of their own kitchen.

Session 5: Designing a Training

Participants practice how to plan a training using technology, and spend time on good practices for PowerPoint and other types of technology.  Participants also examine two essential components to any training:  Evaluation and reinforcing learning.

Session 6:  Motivating Learners

Participants articulate their teaching values, and consider how these values inform their training approach.  In addition, participants review Adult Learning Principles, and consider how to cultivate a positive climate for training to increase staff motivations and minimize resistance to training.

Session 7:  Shaping a System of Learning

Participants plan to implement a training using the skills and strategies learned over the course of the previous six sessions.